It Hurts -Raura

It Hurts -Raura

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Raura's Daughter By Raura_Larano16 Updated Jul 01, 2017

Covver by @TheRauraParadise

Laura- i cant take it anymore! i want to die Ross!! Die!! i have nothing to live for! im A Worthless Ugly, stupid girl! i deserve everything.!! from Being Beaten to Almost killed! i wish they Killed me! i wish U didnt Save me!

Ross- You have my family my friends Laura! you have them!!

Laura- they're YOUR family!. YOUR Friends Ross! they arent mine!! I have nothing that belongs to me! IT HURTS! 

Ross- I belong to you. My heart belongs to you. my Soul belongs to you. my Body Belongs to you! My Life Belongs to you Laura! Everything you see in me belongs to you And Only YOU! IS THAT NOT ENOUGH!

Laura- ....

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Sure ya don't.... we know ya love him stop lying Rydel Mary Lynch
skysky768 skysky768 Aug 09, 2017
Choked on food and screamed. Parents cane with bat sayin whos hurt!!? 😂😂😂😂😂
AgentDorky AgentDorky Aug 31, 2015
It's been like 4 months since they wrapped and I'm still not accepting it
i_like_ansel i_like_ansel Jul 11, 2015
YAY that was amazing but you have to continue writing this fanfic please it's the best please follow me and read my books
Raura_Larano16 Raura_Larano16 Jun 25, 2015
Ill update soon. Im really busy with school and its my first year in highschool so im still trying to find time.
Raura_Larano16 Raura_Larano16 May 15, 2015
@RamouBah  oh i will ive been working on it for the past couple of days...