Distracted: A Thriller (Chap 1)

Distracted: A Thriller (Chap 1)

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PhillipThomasDuck By PhillipThomasDuck Updated Jun 21, 2011

Product Description:

For fans of Lee Child, Walter Mosley, and Barry Eisler, comes a novella about hard men, and even harder choices...


Shell, a killer-for-hire, is the hardest of these men. Nevertheless, someone has infiltrated his Network. They have the five women closest to him. And they will start murdering these women—one every twenty-four hours—unless Shell meets their demands. Just one demand, actually: kill Roger Coke. But killing Coke, a brutal gun and drug trafficker, is no easy task. Making the job even more difficult is the sudden presence of Coke's girlfriend, a stunning beauty in desperate need of a savior. But why must her greatest moment of need come just as Shell is set to make his kill? 

Killing is tough business, especially when you're...


Phillip Thomas Duck straddles the line between two worlds. For paranormal fans, no he isn't a vampire or werewolf, but instead an accomplished author that has published works with traditional publishers (Harlequin and Simon & Schuster) as well as independently. The author lives in New Jersey with his daughter.