Rwby A Black Flame(Bumblebee)

Rwby A Black Flame(Bumblebee)

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Blake is going through a depression over the white fang what she does not realize though is how much it is affecting those around her especially yang who cares too much to see her like this.

(And yes WhiteRose will be included since I don't support Weiss X Neptune)

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Bro you dont need to update faster, just take your time :3 you're gonna need it to make new awesome chapters! Soo far its really good *thumbs up*
TrinityAR TrinityAR Jul 14
You mean… yangry?
                              This isn't the time for this I see…
so did she name the personality after her mother or is it her mother inside her?
Raven is Yang's mother and the half-demon spawn on teen titans.
The_Hidden_Templar The_Hidden_Templar Nov 20, 2015
Lol Dan we need to get together,l am also writing a debt fanfic, I could use it advice
The_Hidden_Templar The_Hidden_Templar Nov 20, 2015
No idiot, raven the chick with the kick a** sword that change  with dust, yang supposed mother?