My Random Thoughts

My Random Thoughts

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Gabby By Gabachino Updated May 06, 2015

-My sister has it all. My brother is the cute one. And I'm just there and everybody ignores me like I'm not even there.

-Why is my mom so curios about the photos in my phone. Like she literally wants to check my phone and just go thru my photos.

-I just realized that my mom and step dad "did it" to have my brother. Wow that says a lot.

-Have you noticed that all of a sudden white girls have butt.

-I have no life.

-Why can't I have a boyfriend for once. Seriously!

-The people you hate, you are most likely jealous of them.

-I watch to much pewdiepie. But I still love him.

-Why do all of my friends have a iPhone 6. And then you look at me. -.-

-Why do girls have all the pain. You have to give birth, have a period, and...other stuff.