Asshole. (Zarry/Larry)

Asshole. (Zarry/Larry)

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I love bands. By Illegalzayn Updated Sep 10, 2016

I didn't regret it.

I should have but I didn't. 

Every kiss, every caress, every word he said took me to another world. and even when I knew that I was just a secret to him. just a little boy that he played 
with behind closed doors only.
I didn't care one bit. 

Cause he was my first my best my rock he was my man. and I loved him with all of his flaws. 

even the biggest one of them. 

and that was him being already taken. by my best friend.

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val1284 val1284 Apr 17, 2017
I legit try not to laugh rn bc it's freaking 11 pm and I just... 😂
val1284 val1284 Apr 17, 2017
Suree... But don't worry ur still cute even if look like a smol bean hehe
val1284 val1284 Apr 17, 2017
I can just imagine him saying " baby" with that sexy and raspy voice of his... Damn
HeshcaKim HeshcaKim Feb 04, 2016
زين المسكين ارحمه هاري وخليه ينام 4 a,m الرحمة ، ولويس المحظوظ . 😂😂😂😂😂
- - May 25, 2016
You're clearly one of those writers that are underappreciated because you're very talented
Meganwhitemore Meganwhitemore Oct 24, 2016
Gonna read this book again and again and again until it gets updated