Spirited Away: an Alien Erotic Romance

Spirited Away: an Alien Erotic Romance

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While on a mission to 'find herself' at an Indian ashram, Shanti Rodriguez is abducted by a pair of alien brothers looking to sweep her off more than her feet.


SPIRITED AWAY is currently being written on a dare -of sorts. I was joking around with my critique partner about the subject matter in erotic fiction on Amazon. KDP has provided a space for creatives to write stories beyond my scope of imagination like dinosaur erotica, troll romance, and tentacle monster sex. Then, I said, "I bet I could tell a tentacular tale with a plot and a point." My critique partner didn't take me seriously. So, here I am!

I've planned SPIRITED AWAY in four parts beginning February 6th 2015 with Part One: Waylaid. Look for new chapters every Friday. Once completed, the full Wattpad version of SPIRITED AWAY will be pulled, so be sure to read it while it's still available!

SPIRITED AWAY will be published on Amazon in the late spring or early summer of 2015.

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ineswrites ineswrites Feb 13, 2015
My goal here was to introduce my first hero, Chen and make you empathize with him. I'm hoping Chen brings to mind young Avatar Aang who just wanted to have a bit of fun, but was saddled with world-saving responsibilities.
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