hoodie x reader lemon

hoodie x reader lemon

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Y/n  pov 

hoiodie were did she go' i thought to my self. he could'nt have gone far i meen i just counted to 120.(russle russle) found you hoodie. 

hoodies pov 

"1...2...3..4...5..6..7..8....9.." i herd Y/N call as i ran into the bushes and hid somewere nowone could fine me. i starrted to think sbout y/n how prettyshewasandsmart funny cool and hot , wate what hot were did that come from oh well, jeff gother a thong and matching bra for Christmas i started to imagine her in it and wow she was hot oh my god i noticed a bump im my pants and sat down and ran my hand over it oh god did it feel amazing i slowly pool my pants off and boxers and folded them and laid them next to me and sat back down and touched my member "oh god mmm" that was amazing i slowly stroked it i was a moaning grunting and swetty mess i took my mask and hood off and began again tell i herd walking and leaves crunch and rold over and the bush russled ' well shit'

 y/ns pov

found you hoodie i moive the bush to espec...

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XxLenaliciousxX XxLenaliciousxX Apr 02, 2017
You literally can't spell ANYTHING! You have no commas, no capitalization, and your apostrophes aren't in their right places! You probably don't even know what those are... just...stay off of Wattpad...
TickTocky101 TickTocky101 Oct 09, 2017
You mother-
                              Masky:no calling people out of their name 
                              Sorry Masky )3)
Slendorina101 Slendorina101 Jan 19, 2017
oh my god................ its so weird like is anyone watching
RandomFangirl606 RandomFangirl606 Oct 27, 2016
Luck: faith I'm a new person
                              I given my innocence to be a sinner
                              Faith: THAT'S MY TWIN SIS!!
ohchrys ohchrys Sep 04, 2016
Either Hoodie is hitting the quan or he about to do the dopest whip ever