Supernatural Con - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Supernatural Con - Jensen Ackles x Reader

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"So, my question is actually for all of you. I would like Jensen to answer first. If you were to date an actress from Supernatural, either guest star or main actor, who would it be?" a girl dressed like Sam asked you through the mic and Jared chuckled.

"You really should know better than to ask such questions" Jared said before Jensen could speak.

Jensen chuckled too and looked at yours and Jared's direction.

"Yeah that's true" he said "I mean the answer is pretty obvious, isn't it?" he smiled widely and motioned to you with both hands.

You shook your head, laughing.

"I mean, beautiful, charismatic, funny, sweet, talented and much more. Who wouldn't want a woman like her. I certainly can't resist" he smirked and winked at you.

"No, Jensen, the answer is no" you said and chuckled.

"A guy can keep dreaming" he said with a cheeky grin.

You just smiled even more and brushed him off.

"That's what everyone hoped to hear" the fan chuckled "And you, (Y/n)?" the fan asked, looking at y...

It would have been really funny if I had asked Jensen what his name was
The_Nonster The_Nonster Feb 05
Did you Jensen was supposed to be Captain America!? I didn't except the role because he should have to quit supernatural
" She loves torturing me" 
                              And you sure as hell enjoyed it.
Jensen actually was going to play captain America, he picked supernatural instead
Destiel67Bellarke Destiel67Bellarke Oct 20, 2015
I love captain america!!!!! He's my favorite!!! Of course Batman is my favorite DC one though
lucca_winchester lucca_winchester Oct 03, 2015
Hahahha ❤️ man I'd love to see Jensen in captain America costume.