If I was an Angel

If I was an Angel

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CiraJean By CiraJean Updated Nov 06, 2010

If I were an angel, 

I would stand behind you at every turn.

I would teach you what you need to learn.

If I were an angel,

I'd wrap you in my wings 

and protect you from the terrible things

our world throws at us.

If I were an angel,

I'd hide you 

keep you all to myself.

But I'm no angel.

I'm quite the opposite.

I am a sinner 

I am darkness

I am helpless

 and I can't save you.

So I stand here in tattered clothes

with black clouds above my head.

Words lingering on my lips

words that can't be said.

"I'm sorry.I love you.I'd help you if I could."

The sky is bleeding scarlett 

the wind is whipping, howling, an I scream your name.

You try to do the same.

Our words are ripped away from us

We don't hear a thing.

You're standing across from me.

Maybe ten feet.

You see, if I was an Angel

I could reach you.

I could hold you.

You stand there looking pale and thin

with hair in those watering eyes 

and just like our words

you're ripped away from me.

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