Beautifully Soulless

Beautifully Soulless

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PCollins By PCollins Updated Sep 07, 2010

Lila Oaken Cannot Know anything. Even the Truth.

Lila Oaken is just another everyday average girl, who holds the key to unlocking secrets about herself, secrets, even she does not know about.

Lila suffered long term amnesia after passing out in the park one night, and has yet to regain any memories of what happened that night or anything before it. The only thing she remembers after waking up is that she must never, ever take off her locket.

Years have passed and Lila has gotten more suspicious with every passing day about what exactly happened that solemn night. Frustrated, after arguing with her mum over the issue of the locket, Lila storms back to that dreaded park, hoping to find something that will lead her to the truth.

Infuriated at the fact that she will probably never find what she is looking for, Lila rips the locket off of her neck and smashes it wide open against a rock. The instant the locket shatters, the mind bending truth starts to unravel and soon, she becomes tangled in a web of lies, spun only to deceive. The more she struggles against the web, the thicker and more menacing it becomes.

Lila always wished that people would stop lying to her, but at what cost is she willing to pay to learn the truth…

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