The Bad Boy's Crush

The Bad Boy's Crush

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Never in my life did I dream that I would be one to write excruciating and cringy descriptions which so many story tellers think are mandatory in order to 'establish characters' or whatever, yet here I find myself about to do the undoable.
That's not even a word, but this is my story so just go with it. K.

My name is Skylar. Skylar Cruise. Cool name right? I try.

I'm 5'5, which I can honestly tell you, sucks. I have green eyes and as my mother puts it, I have very "fair skin". Whatever that means. I've been told I'm thin, but I think that's peoples cautious way of saying I'm lacking in areas most girls my age (and even some twelvies!) are abundant in.

I have straight dark hair and I'm currently wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a loose white singlet and vans.

That ladies and gentlemen concludes the cringy 'character developement'.


I stomped through the crowded school hallways, making my presence known. I really didn't want to be there and I thought I'd do everyone a favour and e...

Myzteriouzz Myzteriouzz Aug 22, 2017
Ugh i hate that play . how in the hell do you fall in love in one day ? Then they both died all because of their families . But they didnt warn each other that one of them was gonna fake their death , estupido !
NaOhMe4eva NaOhMe4eva Jun 17, 2017
Well I guess m d only tall one...buh on the bright side you don't get to be criticised about how your legs go on for miles... Where I come from tall girls like me are not exactly admired...but them I'm 1m 75cm
softball5200101 softball5200101 Dec 05, 2017
okay A) ive tried reading this before?? and B) what the actual fack was i on^
_Marie_21_ _Marie_21_ Nov 02, 2017
How I feel with all my friends. Most of the time. I'm most likely the air head.
TheKinaChronicles TheKinaChronicles Jun 01, 2017
But you look great today. New outfit? Did it come with a matching pole?
_Marie_21_ _Marie_21_ Nov 02, 2017
A girl can be named Joe. My mom's name is Billie Jo, though her initials are B.J. 
                              We still don't know what my grandparents were thinking with her name.