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The Bad Boy's Crush

The Bad Boy's Crush

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recklessandstuff By recklessandstuff Completed

Never in my life did I dream that I would be one to write excruciating and cringy descriptions which so many story tellers think are mandatory in order to 'establish characters' or whatever, yet here I find myself about to do the undoable.
That's not even a word, but this is my story so just go with it. K.

My name is Skylar. Skylar Cruise. Cool name right? I try.

I'm 5'5, which I can honestly tell you, sucks. I have green eyes and as my mother puts it, I have very "fair skin". Whatever that means. I've been told I'm thin, but I think that's peoples cautious way of saying I'm lacking in areas most girls my age (and even some twelvies!) are abundant in.

I have straight dark hair and I'm currently wearing dark blue skinny jeans, a loose white singlet and vans.

That ladies and gentlemen concludes the cringy 'character developement'.


I stomped through the crowded school hallways, making my presence known. I really didn't want to be there and I thought I'd do everyone a favour and e...

creepy_pasta_08 creepy_pasta_08 Oct 06, 2016
Because guys hoodie are like the best even if I bring my own hoodie I'll still most likely use one of my guy friends hoodies
creepy_pasta_08 creepy_pasta_08 Oct 06, 2016
Oh my god I need holy water cause of how much I laughed at this
brittanyberry946 brittanyberry946 Sep 27, 2016
The description or blurb helps to draw people into your book which also helps you as an author because the more reads and comments you revive, the more popular you are likely to become.  ^-^  ;)
Itsss_Me_B Itsss_Me_B Sep 08, 2016
I keep confusing Hunter and Casey. (I'm not saying that Hunter is a guy's name and that Casey is a girl's name. I like that it can be used for both genders) it's just confusing me b/c I normally hear Hunter as Guy's name and Casey as a girl's name.
putangnoona putangnoona Dec 21, 2016
I definitely want that last name 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏
loveeitaly_ loveeitaly_ Nov 28, 2016
hunter is a she. and Casey is a he? interesting... I LIKE IT.