The Hired Wife

The Hired Wife

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CarmenHutchens By CarmenHutchens Updated May 24, 2015

"What?!" I asked again, exasperated.

"You will pretend to be my wife until the end of the business quarter," James coolly replied, slowly annunciating each word as if I were some naive child. "It's really quite simple, so I don't know why you're looking at me like that." 

I stood there clenching my teeth and fuming, staring at this insufferable man - dumbfounded as to why he would think I would just drop my whole life for him in the blink of an eye. What made it worse was when he returned his attention back to his desk and started to straighten out some files and stacks of paper. The audacity of this man! 

When he finally realized I hadn't moved an inch from where I was standing a few minutes ago, he looked back up at me with a blank expression and asked, "Ms. Anderson, why are you still here?" 

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, trying to peacefully let out all the anger and frustration that was pent up inside me and then curtly turned around and left his office.

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mypreciousreverie mypreciousreverie Jan 19, 2015
when are you going to update?? i really lovee to read more of your story....i think its exciting!!!
Xxinfinite-starsxX Xxinfinite-starsxX Jan 12, 2015
I cannot believe that decent, well-written stories never get noticed. I'm talking about yours just in case you didn't know
Xxinfinite-starsxX Xxinfinite-starsxX Jan 12, 2015
Only a couple of paragraphs in and I already love this story. I love the descriptions, the grammar is good and I already love Ms Andersen