I Hate My Step Brother (BoyxBoy)

I Hate My Step Brother (BoyxBoy)

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Chapter 1

Why does the world hate!?

-Jacob's POV-

God, I hate life!

Oh and life hates my guts!

Why does everything just want to ruin my life? Really!? Why can't I just be a normal teenager? I mean, my dad having lots of money is great but why can't I just have one day were I wake up without my dad racing out the door? Nope that will never happen unless he doesn't have work and even then, he sleeps until 12 in the afternoon. My father is Oliver Cross, CEO of Cross Corp, it owns all kinds of things such as hospitable, Stores, hotels and all kind of things. Yeah... this company has been in my family for four generations.

And adding on to that, dad is getting remarried, and not to just anyone but Mary Wooden the sweetest, scariest women that you will ever meet. She became my dad sectary two years after my mom died in a car accident, dad by then had barred himself at work and would barely even come home. That's when Mary snapped him out of it, she yelled at him about how he wasn't a g...

The same thing happens to me, except that it's my mother. 
                              It's sad
Bakaisyou Bakaisyou Sep 20
Oh my peaches and cream I  love this book and I am only on page one
Thank you for all anime related stuff in here. It makes me so happy lol
Omg I didn't expect to find naruto and sasuke in her sasunaru
Ok, my name is Kaitlyn but I go by Katy, and I'm lesbian soooo I'm just gonna change this girls name
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I guess stupid people don't like to see the line that separates each other. ( ̄▽ ̄)