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Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

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XxNekocoxX By XxNekocoxX Completed

Eviction, divorce, abuse. When hardship after hardship pile up life gets to be nothing more than a useless distraction. Jacob has never been a happy child but, when his life goes from bad to worse his depression take a plummet to new depths. He tries to take it in stride but, it's not that easy. Then his life starts to look up. His dad is back and demanding custody. He'll be away from his drunk mother. But... Will that really change anything. Jacob isn't missing a house or parent. What he wants so desperately is just for someone to hold him close. His dad tries to show affection but, Jacob has lived so long without it he doesn't know how to accept it. Then he meets Edward. Can someone with such a perfect life really hold him as close as he needs?

This is a Yaoi (boyxboy) novel. Don't like? Don't read. Others, enjoy! 


(P.S. This is actually not mine. This story belongs to my good friend Twirik. This is his story. All I did was put his imagination into words for all of you.)

This is probably the reason why I stopped crying a year ago. I just started reading and now I get hit hard. I love this sory already.
Kuroosboner Kuroosboner Apr 02, 2016
Ahh, rereading this because I hate myself. :D 
                              Jk jk, Its a really good story! The feels are so strong in this one.
Vanguard16 Vanguard16 Sep 10, 2016
"And threw him out the window, the window, the second story window. With a heave and a ho and a mighty throw we threw him out the window." Sorry, I couldn't help but refer to this song. It's stupid, but hey, it's catchy.
AbandonQuiche AbandonQuiche Jul 31, 2016
Damn that sounded like my life o-o but a female not a male....AHH memorys MEMORYS....But nice book I will try to keep reading 😓
Kakeru1797 Kakeru1797 Dec 14, 2016
My life is exactly like his but instead of the mother dying it was me , I almosted died at birth 😶
Freak-Tsundere-4life Freak-Tsundere-4life May 27, 2016
Before I even starting reading im getting 20 boxes of tissues and a mountain of chocolate! T~T I read your My bully nd I know this book is gonna make my cry *sniff*