From Two Different Worlds *Fred Weasley Love Story*

From Two Different Worlds *Fred Weasley Love Story*

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Maddie was 15 when she first attended Hogwarts. She would have been at Hogwarts her first year, but The Ministry of Magic couldn't locate where she had been living. The family that adopted her went to Amerirca, to try to escape the Ministry, but alas, magic brought her home. When she arrived at The Burrow, she was greeted by Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Fred and George. As they all grew closer, Maddie fell head over heels for Fred, who of course liked her back. But one day in the library, she discovers a book about her history. She's shocked to find dark family secrets that were meant to be kept a mystery.

When she arrives at Hogwarts, she discovers that not only her magic was different, but so was her real family. Her father was killed tragically, but her mother was still alive. She wants to meet her mom, but discovers that she works for You-Know-Who. Terrified, she goes to Dumbledore, who reveals more secrets about her hidden past.

As she continues her life at Hogwarts, she contiuously has to avoid death, trouble, and danger, which all seem to be chasing after her.

RoseThornsHurt RoseThornsHurt Aug 29, 2017
Again. Aren't they American? I'm a Brit and I don't even say that all the time.
WhelderCousin WhelderCousin Sep 13, 2017
She'd have to learn to speak in that dialect but she would remember if she was adopted that late...
BeautifulMystery369 BeautifulMystery369 Aug 27, 2016
I have a habit of elbowing people in the stomach when they sneak up behind me. My bff steps on their feet so all in all we damage people when they sneak up on us!😂
katd2002 katd2002 Aug 16, 2016
Why the hell do I always get surrounded by people like come on
captainfckingamerica captainfckingamerica Apr 14, 2016
Yea except accents aren't something you're born with if you were adopted young enough to not remember it you would have the same accent as the rest of your family
jasmine321151 jasmine321151 Feb 18, 2016
Dude if she was raised he entire life in America then she should have an AMERICAN accent not a British one, it doesn't matter where your born