Pregnant With The Alpha's Babies. (Coming Soon)

Pregnant With The Alpha's Babies. (Coming Soon)

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❤️ By Deynnalove16 Updated Oct 18, 2014

When Zara Stone wakes up one morning she finds herself in a strangers room, strangers, bed, and strangers house. She can't remember anything from the night before except that her two best friends dragged her to a party. With a sore body that only meant one thing, she freaks and runs home while the stranger is asleep.

Only this stranger is future Alpha Sebastian Woods.

Scared out of her mind, she avoids the Alpha at all costs because he remembers the night of the party. He knows that she is his mate, she does not. He's know for months and hasn't told her.

A month passes and she realizes she is pregnant. She is in shock and denial. She doesn't know how to tell Sebastian that she is pregnant with his kid.

When she finds out something she never expected, it's the last straw as she packs up her stuff and leaves.

Classy100 Classy100 Apr 05, 2017
There's a song that has some of those words as its lyrics😊
alexhl1023 alexhl1023 Mar 22, 2016
Loved this chapter!  Poor Zara....  please keep writing; this is amazing!
Jae_Riley Jae_Riley Jun 07, 2016
I love this and hope you never take it down even tho I just started it.
StudyHardBeEvil StudyHardBeEvil Jun 28, 2016
I mean, it was technically ràpe. If a person is intoxicated, they can't give consent.
xAsh123x xAsh123x Nov 10, 2015
I like how you basically allowed us to search up his whole family now you put his whole family in threat of strangers what kind of best friend are you
- - Sep 16, 2015
Lol I said almost the same thing to my best friend, Neil, but a different situation
                              "Neil, dude, you need to come to Cameron's house ASAP! JP's dribk got spiked and it is hilarious!"
                              Trust me, it was! I have a video on my phone and everything