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Annoying Wattpad Storylines

Annoying Wattpad Storylines

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um hi By -obsessive Updated Oct 10, 2014

little wattpad rant books: book one

if i had a dollar for every time someone called me ugly i'd be broke bc i'm perf lol bye

SO204_ SO204_ Jun 21
                              And why are the eyes always green?Green is the RAREST of the eye colors, and even tho I actually have blue green hazel eyes(I have central heterochromia), I appreciate some brown or blue eyed people(which are two of the most common eye colors, mind you)
EXACTLY THANK YOU!! I was always called a nerd in my old middle school because I wore glasses 😓
SO204_ SO204_ Jun 21
Lol I don't have much acne but I'm fat (which is why I wear baggy-ass clothes)
                              Honestly I wanna punch every MC that's just like "I'm so fat!1!1"but they're size XXXXXXXsmall and like 94 pounds
LoleusFronto LoleusFronto 2 days ago
I like to write in a guy's perspective. (Mostly because all my guy characters are sarcastic little fücks)
nerd_alert2 nerd_alert2 a day ago
There is actually a book called a a thousands words were it's  in a boys point of view and it really good
SO204_ SO204_ Jun 21
I'm fine with whatever.To be honest, I kinda consider myself a guy in a girl's body in a way.Except I like to be identified as a girl and don't wish to change that