Elemental Series: Xanix, Country of Ice [On Hiatus]

Elemental Series: Xanix, Country of Ice [On Hiatus]

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Lissa By LissaLol Updated Nov 21, 2011

Isolated from our world, the Elemental countries disappeared from our lives. Elemental countries are countries with people who held special gifts and powers that we, humans cannot imagine.

 Xanix, country of Ice, were once a very powerful and beautiful country, but during the time of the Trian War, Xanix is now known as the country with the Forgotten Times. Geonda, country of Earth and Pyroquil, country of Fire, the allied countries, and victors of the Trian war is now planning on a new war to invade Aerin, country of Air and Aquion, country of Water. 

Remaining Elemental countries, Phaeguan, country of Darkness and Ferrihi, country of Metal, are just elementals that can just go extinct and no one would care. But are they really as weak as they seem? Phaeguan was the most powerful country before Xanix, why are they so looked down? 

Lithia Samantha Pride, Princess of Xanix, country of Ice, was just a child when the Trian War started, and was betrayed at the end. Love was the one thing she thought could never hurt, but was she a little too naïve and was too trustworthy for her enemy or lover? Who was her betrayer? What does he want? 

Ryan Earl Raviere, the key to all Lithia’s questions. He, a mix breeder was the enemy of all. Living among humans, separated from his kind, what can he do? A Phaeguanian mother, and an unknown father, and ban from Phaeguan, Ryan would use anything, anyone for revenge.  
Read and find out the adventure between Lithia and Ryan and the Elemental countries.