Hit me with your best shot Alpha {COMPLETE}

Hit me with your best shot Alpha {COMPLETE}

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Ellie. Sarcastic. Ferocious. Independent. Strong. Stubborn. Volatile. She's the epitome of modern day girl. She's that dark haired beauty you see. She's not as gorgeous as others but still totally exoctic. He calls her his little spit fire.

Adrian. Dark. Stong. Serious. Dominating. Headfast. Temperamental. He's the one who's been waiting for his mate since he was a child. Just not in all ways. He's the one with a godly figure that makes you go weak everywhere. She calls him the dictator.

A single look. A single scent. That's all it took to take two lives and meld them together.  According to the Moon goddess Ellie and Adrian are mates. Ellie isn't  completely convinced that this stoic, possessive Alpha is meant for her considering all the walls she had built up are falling apart with every step he takes closer. Adrian has walls of his own that needs breaking down. 

          Suddenly the most delicious scent filled my nose. It was a mix of lemongrass and sage. It was a wonderful smell. I took another sniff of it. I took a long whiff of it.

"Ellie?" Alan asked me worriedly. "Are you alright?"

"Mhm just give me a 'sec."

I followed the scent into the eyes of my mate. Adrian . Alpha of the Bloodmoon pack. Destroyer of my pack.

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CarlyGatton CarlyGatton May 28, 2017
I saw the destroyer of my pack thing in the description and the most evil laugh in my head ever sounded
HappyPickles HappyPickles Jan 14, 2017
I honestly think CAPS are so over rated, and it gets annoying tbh
szdavis szdavis May 15, 2016
Those thing never have my name on them. But most things never do.
turquisesparkle turquisesparkle Oct 28, 2016
Omg my name is Ellie and i play soccer. We call it football in the uk!
JenniferEason JenniferEason Feb 05, 2016
Plz don't be upset but I don't like the disrespect that she had towards her Alpha in this paragraph and in the last 2 paragraphs as well. This is a good star tho.