I Found a Gem

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Zy By SunAndCandleLight Updated 3 years ago

I adore the way you write- it just brings everything to life! :)
agree with the comment below. you write with such passion. your verses glide into each other seemingly without effort. your words reveal a deep thinker. a lovely poem.
I found a gem in this uplifting poem that moves from feelings of loss and sorrow to a realization of hope in the  Spirit of love.  nicely penned.  ~)K
The full cycle of loss and regaining what you love. I like the positive ending. Quite charming, in fact.
This wonderful warm offering is penned with the glow of Love...it beacons to others who have yet to find the way...lovely work!  ;~))
awesome poem! its amazing how you understand each stanza of the poem! great job dude! keep it up! still tuned up for your next poem!