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Tell Me You Love Me

Tell Me You Love Me

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d lasorsa By dlasorsa Updated Apr 09, 2011

Joan Allen is a highly respected journalist in up state New York City. Everything in her life is what she deems perfect. The only thing in her way is her fear of commitment and her boyfriend’s parents. They always wanted grand-children before they turned sixty and now they only want one thing for their only son, Drew; to settle down and produce offspring but Joan has different ideas. Even though she loves children, especially her nephew, Corey, she is not ready to have a family of her own.Joan knows there is no rush; her job is progressing and it would be stupid to even think of bringing a child into the world right now. This is where Joan’s mind and commitment start to wander, even though they have been together for three years, this is the longest relationship she has ever been in. She wasn’t very good with keeping to one person and tended to party a lot. However, gaining a job and a partner helped to settle her partying ways, but being depended on fully by another human being was another reason for not wanting to be a mother so soon. Then she meets Emily, a graphic designer from Canada. She bumps in to her spilling her coffee over Joan. Over the course of two months, Joan's life changes dramatically when Drew becomes unwell. Her life spirals out of control just as it did when she was a teenager. She also sleeps with Emily. Joan regrets it straight away. As time goes on she realises that Emily has fallen for her. It takes three weeks of separation, mainly avoiding on Joan’s part to realise that she too had fallen for Emily. With the heartache and possibility of losing Drew, the pressure of his parents and her redeeming love for Emily, can she ever really show Emily how she feels without the consequences that shall surely follow and will she lose Drew forever?

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