In Love With My Bestfriend. Uh-Oh

In Love With My Bestfriend. Uh-Oh

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CrazyPerson1994 By CrazyPerson1994 Updated Sep 02, 2011

Formerly "I Love My Bestfriend?! Uh-oh".

Kaitlyn (Katie) Thompson has loved Logan Carter since she knew what love was. They have been best friends since they were born. She loves him but she doesn't think he loves her back. Will she ever admit it to him or let him go?

Logan (Logy) Carter is know as a notorious man-whore. He doesn't like being that title, he's only a man-whore because the girl he loves doesn't show interest. Maybe if he just tells her the truth that he loves her she'll except him. But he doesn't think so. He might let his only true love go.

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kylie_brea kylie_brea Mar 08, 2017
This reminds me of a book called Better Off Friends?   It's really good y'all should read itt
AdaRaine61901 AdaRaine61901 Jun 06, 2012
This is the story of my life!! I'm not lying!! I'm a Kaitlyn and my best friend is Logan!! O.o Are you stalking me?!
SoccerLover540 SoccerLover540 Mar 25, 2012
I was going through wattpad and saw this. I am glad I saw it I love it! <3