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One of the Boys

One of the Boys

122K Reads 4.5K Votes 31 Part Story
SmilerXO By SmilerXO Completed

[COMPLETED] This goes out to all the ladies, have you ever wondered what it was like to be a guy? Well Caroline Wright never had that thought. She was your typical tomboy. It's no surprise when you're raised by your widowed father, his friends at the fire station, and most importantly at your all boys neighbour's house. She was in so deep that a lot of times people forgot she was a girl. In comes Cole Thompson, golden boy of his school and of course best friends with his neighbour Caroline. When the school's bad boy starts getting on Caroline's bad side, they decide to strike a deal to get him to leave her alone. What's the deal you ask? Simple, Caroline must get bad boy Dean Carter to fall in love with her. With Cole's help, Caroline will turn from one of the guys into one of the girls.

WARNING: mature content. Includes lots of swearing, and substance abuse.

  • badboy
  • bestfriend
  • chicklit
  • comedy
  • highschool
  • romance
  • teenfiction
  • tomboy