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Charlie is fearful of who he truly is. For when night falls he become something of anyone's nightmare. And despite being somewhere in the back of his mind, watching everything he does - he can not control who or what controls him. All he knows is if he doesn't find a way to release this demon inside him, sooner or later he will become this evil completely.
This is very interesting so far, the quote fits this perfectly so far. I haven't really read a horror story before so I don't know what expect but yours blew me away. This was also very eerie. I can't wait to read more! :)
@LilMissSteampunk Thanks, I really like leaving helpful comments because I enjoy getting them.
you're really good at descriptions :D that's a good trait to have while writing
Very good prologue :) Really kept my attention! I also like how you put a quote at the beginning. For some odd reasons, I like stories like that :P
                                    Keep up the amazing work!
                                    Will continue reading :D
Wow I love this prologue. I don't usually read horrors/thrillers.
                                    The main thing I loved about this was how mysterious it was, it has definitely made me want to read on!
                                    Voted :D
Woah. Just Woah! I love this already! I will defintely continue reading this!