Lost Nor Found

Lost Nor Found

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Elsa_k By Elsak123TheSnowQueen Completed

(Thank you @Oceane_Breeze for the outstanding cover!) 

Laelynn is losing hope. Her entire world is crashing down - everything getting worse by the day. The bullying. Her mom's mental condition. The pain and heartbreak. But when her fate intertwines itself with two others, Kayden and Elena,  Laelynn finds she might not be completely lost after all.

"Memories and faces blurred together, into some kind of horrifying collage. Insults and taunts coalesced, forming a frenzied, tumultuous cheer. She screamed, covering her ears to possibly block out the uproar, but it only got louder. It was as if the voices had arms, reaching out and trying to pull her into accepting. 

Accepting that she was worthless. 

They became more frantic, not only reaching out but scratching, nails longing for flesh. She yelled and cried, but she couldn't escape. 

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