The Bucket List  [ON HOLD]

The Bucket List [ON HOLD]

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Ella By ella_enchanted Updated May 18, 2011

Flawless on the outside, Lady Hope's most popular Seven are falling apart. Only a crazy bucket list, made as a joke in history class, and an ultimatum delivered by the most popular girl at school, can keep them together - can save them their popularity . And maybe, for some, it will mean more than just staying friends. Crazy and love, crazy in love, same difference.

starlestic starlestic Nov 23, 2014
I swear every story you write is pure magic XD this is already so good and it's killing me knowing there are only 7 parts because I know I'll be completely in love with this when I reach the end and that I'll want to read so much more. Your writing style is seriously the best <3
Tallulah Tallulah Jul 25, 2013
when will this be off hold, I've loved this book for so long
- - May 25, 2013
Why did you delete 'Their Paid Girl'? It was such an amazing read and I haven't got to the end yet! :'(
cherbear197 cherbear197 Jul 16, 2012
Seems interesting... Got me confused at some parts though but it was good.
yogurtbaby yogurtbaby Oct 09, 2011
please upload....
                              i've been waiting for weeks or months...don;t cliff hang....
NevilleLongBottom NevilleLongBottom Jul 25, 2011
The title reminds me of Morgan freeman, and yes I LOVE Morgan freeman. 
                              He rocks my world.