Zodiac Ships & More

Zodiac Ships & More

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DarkAngelGames By DarkAngelGames Updated 5 days ago

What the title says :)

Also feel free to comment on the stories if you want a story dedicated to another zodiac like, Aries x Leo, Cancer x Scorpio 
That kinda stuff

 (May Involve Swearing)

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LynaZeBaka LynaZeBaka 2 days ago
@xY0urArt1st_G3m1n1x me and your sister are gonna go kick some a— now
DennieSooZ DennieSooZ 3 days ago
Not really.... but we did picked on each other in 6TH grade...... ALL LOT! ....... now he's home schooling so I won't see him..... I'm entering 8th grade BTW
miminimi2 miminimi2 9 hours ago
If i would have born one day later i would have been a sagittarius