Zodiac Ships & More

Zodiac Ships & More

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DarkAngelGames By DarkAngelGames Updated Sep 09

What the title says :)

 (May Involve Swearing)

Take the warning seriously, there is a lot of fucking swearing

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I had a panic attack for a good 10 minutes because my two Besties are Capricorns
LynaZeBaka LynaZeBaka Jul 18
@xY0urArt1st_G3m1n1x me and your sister are gonna go kick some a— now
                              Austin is a Capricorn
                              His older brother is a Scorpio
                              Big oof
I only know one Aquarius online😂 my best friend’s a Leo
ash_crashes ash_crashes Jul 24
so accurate :000 my two best friends in the whole wide world are both libras
HackerResurrected HackerResurrected 10 hours ago
Meh I guess cuz I am ftei da with a girl named Kimberly and she a Scorpio