How To:  Age Regression

How To: Age Regression

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👑 Princess Dezy 👑 By Dezy_Inc Updated May 08, 2018

This is a guide to help new Caregivers/Regressors or if you've been one for awhile a refreshor on some things you might be missing! These are suggestions, not rules, I promise. There are a lot of things I plan to put into this, but if you want anything specific, tell me and I can make a chapter on it ^~^ Thanks for Reading!

Age Regression is a non-kink coping mechanism for people who suffer from a mental illnesses. These people simply need breaks from the stress of being old and often have a childish personality even outside of regression. Contrary to popular belief, age regression is NOT a kink or even related to sexual intercourse whatsoever. Some age regressors refer to themselves as littles and to their significant other as "Daddy", "Mommy", or just as their "Caregiver" Since they'd typically take care of their "Little" as if they're an actual child.

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