The Badboy's Prize

The Badboy's Prize

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andy&deanne By MrsSRidd1e Updated Mar 20

❝I am not some prize to be won.❞ 

Felicity Jameson has always stuck to the shadows when it came to school, preferring to be unnoticed and obscured from view than to be centre of attention. And she'd kept it up for quite a while. She liked to think she'd had a good run. 

But, when the badboy of the school, Nicolas Morton, picks her as his next target, his next conquest, she finds more attention than she would have wanted in a lifetime thrown upon her. 

Matched with trying to dissuade the handsome boy from pursuing her further and trying to summon the energy to keep out of the limelight, she finds herself exhausted, and that's not even to mention all the school work she has to deal with. 

Her world crumbling, she wonders if she'll be able to muster the motivation to survive through high school, let alone get good grades.

cover by @rapunzelssaviour

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