Facade-[1]-[Steve Harrington]

Facade-[1]-[Steve Harrington]

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To put it simply, Lennon Hopper had been through some shit. And that was grossly simplifying the matter. 

Even before her boring little town was ransacked by an inter-dimensional monster and a mysterious little girl, she had endured. She always endured.

Being hardened from just getting out of an abusive relationship, she's looking to make new friends. 

That's exactly when Steve Harrington comes in.

Lennon had always thought the boy to be interesting and now, with nobody holding her back, she made her way into his life. Along with her friends Nancy and Barb of course. 

20k --- June 20th, 2018!
30k --- July 6th, 2018!
40k --- August 29th, 2018!
50k --- October 21st, 2018!!
100k--- June 19th, 2019!!