Experiment 51

Experiment 51

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What happens when the government and it's scientists decide to conduct an experiment with Area 51? Easy...

The experiment was to create the 'perfect' human, more advance than others and a lot stronger than Seals or Marine's when it came to the battlefield. So they've created test-tube babies and taught them much more than any regular person would know. They've also been trained harder than any soldier known to man. Designed to kill and think on their feet... But they've decided to put their little experiment to the test. Fifty one of them were created in a unique way--they would be put in a dome for 6 months up to a year. If more than half lived for the first six months, they'd continue monitoring the behavior; if not, then they'd stop. But the catch to this was, they've added one girl from each state of the U.S to see how they would react to the opposite gender. This plan was put in motion after two decades. So how does it all turn out? A success or another experiment gone out of hand?

(Rated #7 Science Fiction - 2015)

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mishelty mishelty Apr 03, 2017
You actually cant be taken by scientists and doctors for any type if experiment without your permission. Thats illegal
Silver_Rain16 Silver_Rain16 Jun 30, 2017
Do you think it being illegal would stop them? They would just cover it up^^^^^
beautyinadrop beautyinadrop Aug 03, 2017
51 because peurto rico been asking to become a state forever but the us doesnt want change the flag cause 50 stars equal 50 states. So peurto rico is just a district now.
Bloom_Peters Bloom_Peters Mar 14, 2017
There are 50 states no including Washington DC, so if the took a girl from all the states then one from D.C. that makes 51
graysenelliot graysenelliot May 24, 2016
My name is Alana and there are not 51 states only 50. Just sayin'.
MaskedReaderX MaskedReaderX Aug 24, 2016
I was looking for a book like this it looks amazeballs I can't wait to read it !!!