I hate you.
    I despise you.
    But apart of me just can't let you go...
very good i have been there multiple times. You'll find the guy who wil treat u right trust me.
First of all, F*ck that guy. Go find a nice dude. We exist, I promise you XD
                                    Secondly, this is fantastic. Voted, recommended, please keep writing :)
your emotions just flow through the poem!! beautifully written!! :) I loved it <3
Great job! I always wrote and liked the poems that rhyme. But, I must tell u this one's an exceptional work. With all the emotions, u've been able to convey ur feelings. Voted!
Absulutly loved it so much. I can relate which makes it all the better. Stay strong and make him pay teach him that he should never betray.
Well written, I can feel all of your emotion in this piece. Voted, great job!
                                    And I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you!