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I'll Fight For You - Fred/Hermione

I'll Fight For You - Fred/Hermione

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AlwaysDramione By AlwaysDramione Completed

Fred Weasley is known as the joker and one half of a twin. His dazzling good looks, gorgeous blue eyes which contrast perfectly with flaming red hair and his ability to do well enough in his exams without actually trying. He's near enough perfect, isn't he? 
Then there's Hermione Granger. The know-it-all girl who always has a book in her hands and can be found in the library most nights. She is the one who is in love with Ron Weasley. 
Well... she was in love with Ron. 
After the war, Fred is broken in half. His twin has just died, leaving Fred alone in the world. Fred didn't think he would ever have been able to live or even breathe without his twin but that was before he realised he just might have a shot with Hermione, the girl he had loved since her fourth year. Of course difficulties arise with every story and this story is no different. Hermione is taken by Ron but that doesn't stop Fred.
Read this story for some betrayal, anger, loss, defiance and most of all, the one thing that binds every being with another... love.

Onyx-Beryl Onyx-Beryl May 29
Somehow reading on my phone makes me disconnected from the story, otherwise I would be crying right now.
If I ever meat J.K. Rowling I would say 
                              'WHY?????' -ME
                              "why wat' -jk
                              'WHY?????????????' -ME
                              'why wat??' 
                              'WHY THE TWINS??? WHY SIRIUS?? WHY REMUS?? WHY TONKS??? WHY WHY WHHHYYYYYYY??????' -me
                              'JO WHY DID U????? WHYYYYYYYYY????????????? ALL OF THEM SHOULD HAVE BEEN MEEEEEE!!!!!!! *SOBS*' -me
My head is hurting my heart is aching but I still read why am I like this
I'm crying and I hate it. God, this is so fuckin sad. Really really sad. 😢😢😢😭😭😭
Ok but now I realized that I love my sister more than anything I'm going to hug her now brb
My brain told me i would be fine.
                              I guess my heart didn't get the message.