Let the Wind Blow

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RoanAsher By RoanAsher Completed
This is a semi autobiographical tale I just needed to write and get off my chest. It is supposed to be nonsensical and it's okay if the sentences don't really make much sense. It's raw and that how I wanted it.
This letter tore my heart up. I could feel every emotion through your words, which were conveyed beautifully. Things happen the way do for a reason, so remember to keep your head up and stay positive! :)
What a sad but beautiful piece of writing...very emotional. Please read my story and comment. It would be very much appreciated. Xxxx And please write more. Xxxx
This... Is... AMAZING! The emotion in it actually had me tearing up. Love isn't an easy thing, but keep your fingers crossed!
@RoanAsher I only ever comment on things I really think are worth it, believe me, meant what I wrote! I also NEVER cry at books, I've only ever cried at one other book in my life, and never at anything on Wattpad before!  So well done!
                                    Is this air that I'm breathing?
                                    This was absolutely amazing, beautifully written-
                                    I actually don't know what to say. Kudos to you this was an awesome read.
I voted for it because of how deep and emotional this is, not because I liked what was written... I mean.... I think I just found someone else to add to my list....