Feigning Delinquency

Feigning Delinquency

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I freeze mid pace with eyes wide open as an idea pops into my head. How could I not have thought of this earlier? It's perfect! It's going to grab their attention, it's going to get their focus off of fighting, it's going to make them agree on things, it's going to make them realize that they do in fact have daughters living in the house, and more importantly...it's going to make them realize that they still love and care for each other because they're going to have to talk things through, they're going to have to not fight and they will realize that they still love each other! It's perfect!!

This good girl is pissed and she is has to turn bad to solve the problem...

This good girl has to Feign Delinquency.


Miaura Lennex is little miss goody goody. She's smart, she's kind, she always listens to her parents, never goes out of line, and she's all the other crap that every good girl is. Though one day her parents start fighting and from then on they fight twenty four/seven. No one knows why and it's pissing both Mia and her little sister off because they're parents are acting as if the girls don't even exist and none of them are telling the girls what's going on. Then they suddenly start talking about a divorce. What? 

Mia, getting extremely pissed off and fed up with her parent's behavior, comes up with a plan. Her plan to fix all this you ask? That's easy. Her plan is...

Feigning Delinquency.

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@StoryTimewithAlyssa and @SugarMyCupcakes y'all are about to get on one hell of a ride😂😂
coolerthenuthink1988 coolerthenuthink1988 Mar 06, 2015
YAAAASSS!!! But what is she gonna do? Is she a bad girl or a good girl?
imsowritingthis imsowritingthis Jan 04, 2014
lol, the way you describe makeup I'm like, is this the person I know? AND UPDATE I WANNA READ MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEE
sarahrreading sarahrreading Jan 02, 2014
OMIGOSH! Love dis so far, really good and creative, I'm looking forward to chapter one! 
                              Can't wait for update, u come up with awesome story ideas! ;)
pinkycupcake pinkycupcake Jan 02, 2014
cookielovaah97 cookielovaah97 Dec 31, 2013
I love your other books so I'm pretty sure-no I am SOOO FRIGGEN SURE that this book is going to be awesome so KEEP IT UP GURLY