I Had Enough

I Had Enough

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Amber Liu | Krystal Jung


Amber and Krystal  hate each other from the start of school year, But what if a new feeling comes blooming inside of them?

Will they be true to themselve and tell their feelings, or? Hide it forever and keep their feelings to themselves?


It was school again, I get to see Amber, Don't jump to conclusions! I don' t like her, actually I hate her. The reason? Well she's a jerk and an a**hole! I just hate her guts. The sight of her makes me puke, She even has her own fan club! I wanted to shout " ARE YOU GUYS BLIND " at the very fan club. But I would be chased and bullied by them, so I'll just forget the idea.

I should stop my ranting, you get the point, Just when I was talking about her.

"Hey, Ice Princess" Amber said and smirked at me, I just glared at her. " What do you want, Liu?" I said and looked another way, " I need an energy boos...

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I can't take her serious when she calls her a stupid llama in sorry
But if it was real I don't know why I think Krystal would be the dominant one in the relationship