Undefine Me

Undefine Me

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me_the_writer By me_the_writer Updated Feb 27, 2012

"To me, you were just the girl who sat next to me on the first day of college. I had no idea that you were going to be the love of my life. No idea that you were the person I'd want to spend the rest of my existence with. Isn't that a funny thought? Not knowing that when you wake up if that day will change your life forever," he declares.

     "I'm certainly glad I woke up that morning, then," I affirm.

Jenna Summers and Dylan Thompson are in love, ever since they met in college they have been. Five years later to the day that they met, they're living together in New York City, and he proposes. Jenna ca not be more thrilled, and they are married within the next month. But she has reason to beleive that they're being followed by three men in suits. Then one day, Jenna wakes up on a beach, with no recollection of who she is. There, she stumbles upon a beach house and meets Kevin Jones, a laid back and reserved young man who is determined to help her find out who she is. But will these new things ruin her and Dylan's relationship? Because, as far as she knows, she's never met him in her life. Do the men in suits have something to do with her amnesia?

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TheKeyofE TheKeyofE Apr 11, 2012
I thought I read this... but apparently not!!  :D
                              This was awesome!  So sad at the end too! :(  I feel bad that he was going to propose and then she just ups and takes an offer to Seattle! *Sniffle* :'(
blue-eclipse blue-eclipse Feb 29, 2012
this was a good beginning for the story and it was written well, and flows. i noticed no mistakes so well done :)
me_the_writer me_the_writer Feb 29, 2012
@ReinaStar Thanks for the advice, where do you think more imagry could help?
officialDM officialDM Feb 27, 2012
I really loved the story line. The whole flashback and everything, it's jsut that I felt it was going a bit too fast. Try adding a couple of scenes of them as boyfriend and girlfriend so the readers know a bit more of their own personality and relationship. Other than that, great story and voted!