In the Downtime After Destiny

In the Downtime After Destiny

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Marilyn Anne Campbell By MarilynAnneCampbell Completed

Serenity, like doughnut freshness, cannot last. Rita and Jerome are master moochers and their soon-to-be-former friend Kelly is running out of patience. Then Rita has a brush with death and learns a secret of existence that could change everything. 

Seven short parts, complete.

Cover source photo credits: "Tasty donut" by Ken Hawkins (Flickr: khawkins04) & "Wild grass at sunrise" by Stanislav Sedov (Flickr: ssedov)

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Tip: you're likely to get more votes if you break it up into smaller parts because then you have more opportunities for people to vote!
Reffster Reffster Apr 08, 2017
This brings back memories of my student days.  Shorter parts get my vote.
This is a grim vision of the purpose of life, but it rings true!
Ah, good point. I wasn't even thinking about the votes. Thanks Anni!