The Things That Happen With Peer-Pressured Teens .. I Guess : /

The Things That Happen With Peer-Pressured Teens .. I Guess : /

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ChelloLovesYou By ChelloLovesYou Updated Feb 25, 2012

I Am Me..

So what if im not like you 

I speak my mind and let No One walk ove me

Okay so im random So What

I really don't wake up to please you,

You say things about me and call me Fake but um the last time i checked putting people down dosen't nessacerally make you Real

I Love who i am, even though sometimes are hard, i really cant say anything about you

Im a girl who like to have fun, smile, hang out with friends at the mall, listen to music, and be Myself

Your a girl who likes to make people feel bad about themselves, talk about them, hang with so called bestfriends, listen to the hateful side of you and be someone your Not

I know your better than that, i defantly know im Better than what you call your self.

I Am Me..


I Like To Have Fun, Do You?

Me, i like to live out loud

You, want to die inside

Me, i like to listen to the goodness inside me

You, listen to the badness inside of you

Me, i don't wake up, o...

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