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SidNaazparadise द्वारा His MATE *Completed *
His MATE *Completed * Samaya द्वारा
soo a new story a new concept on sidnaaz A super natural one peep in to know moree
sidnaaz_Fiction_1227 द्वारा The Alpha's Princess  ( COMPLETED)
The Alpha's Princess ( COMPLETED) Surbhi Dhiman द्वारा
This story is basically based on werewolves.... I hope you all loved it... . . . Story suggested by : @sidnaaz23 #1 in emotions #1 in #shehnaazgill #7 in #sidnaaz...
SumiRai5 द्वारा Moon Glow (Vani FF)
Moon Glow (Vani FF)Sumi Rai द्वारा
The love story of an cursed shape shifting werewolf and the posion girl (vishkanya ) bani Sharma The posion girl by birth made too kill the stoned hearted werewolf...
Tanni__ द्वारा Bhediya
BhediyaPuppyT🐶 द्वारा
Welcome to my first Stray kids ff. And it's a werewolf story. I don't know what to write for a description just read the story. Started : 5 November, 2022 Finished : ?
ydevanshu द्वारा डलहौजी डार्कनेस
डलहौजी डार्कनेसDevanshu Yadav द्वारा
माया नए शहर मे आई है। देखते है डलहौजी मे क्या अंजनी चीजें उसका इंतजार कर रही है। क्या माया एक सदियों पुराना वो राज़ जान लेगी? क्या डलहौजी का वो जानलेवा कोहरा माया को भी...
mrstrange2942001 द्वारा Vicious Companion
Vicious Companionmrstrange2942001 द्वारा
When Aarav Went into Rajnagar he found some mysterious things.