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10k x reader - oneshots, imagines, smut, fluff by drs417
10k x reader - oneshots, des
the title basically says it all i take requests (i will do the other characters if requested.)
ephemeral || stiles and the originals  by thezqueen
ephemeral || stiles and the :(
EPHEMERAL (adj.) lasting only for a very short time they say life goes by in the blink of an eye. for them it's true. the lifespan of a human seems like nothing when you...
A Thousand Encounters by LettingYouIn
A Thousand Encountersby Aditi Arora
He, Disciplined! She, a beautiful chaos! He, Stalwart! She, a wanderer! He, a soldier! She, a commoner! And their Thousand encounters
Coming Home to You - A Tale of Thousand Stars FanFiction by Petersonified_Boke
Coming Home to You - A Tale of Seirin_4869
Tian comes back to Chief and they have their moments together. We can never get enough oh Chief Phupha and our adorable teacher Tian. This Is A Fanfiction. The credi...
Breaking All The Rules (Jasper Hale) by TheEmmysShow
Breaking All The Rules (Jasper TheEmmysShow
The ex-French Princess, Sophia, loses her family, ends up in an insane asylum, and then becomes a vampire. Could things get worse? She is assigned to be on the Volturi’s...
Little (Glee) Mix by RyleyBridges
Little (Glee) Mixby [ACCOUNT INACTIVE]
Marley Rose, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones are the famous girl group Little Mix. When their manager tells them they'll be going to a High School in Lim...
A Thousand Moments by AyaBanana530
A Thousand Momentsby Aia
Alanna Sky Bauer was involved in a car accident 5 years ago that caused a great misfortune in her life. With everything going round and round and nothing changing, she g...
JASPER HALE is one big JERK! Or is he? by TheEmmysShow
JASPER HALE is one big JERK! Or TheEmmysShow
Cecily and her cousin, Bella Swan, never exactly got along. Cecily is invited to the wedding - one thing that completely changes her future. She and Jasper share a speci...
Three Thousand Miles Apart by ReadWriteLoveIt
Three Thousand Miles Apartby Ceri-Lou ♥
Will We Always Be: Three Thousand Miles Apart {Book 1.5} Please read Just A Friend first {Includes Spoilers} Lydia has just been offered a three month summer fashion int...
The Lonely Ones (Z-Nation fanfic/10k Love story) by SummerBird121
The Lonely Ones (Z-Nation fanfic/ SummerBird121
In the middle of the zombie apocalypse there isn't much time to make friends, but that's exactly what 10k and Jane become. Friends. Will the outside world threaten that...
A very Clovely story by CLATOSHIPPER
A very Clovely storyby CLATOSHIPPER
Clove, the blood thirsty career from 2, isnt who you think she is. In this story, I will pretend Cato and clove won the Hunger Games. Read more to find out what would ha...
Vocaloid Songs [ ORIGINAL ] by The_Dave
Vocaloid Songs [ ORIGINAL ]by ugh
Welcome~ These are some song lyrics and or translations to VOCALOID/UTAUloid songs! VOCALOID/UTAUloid is a software that produces unique voices, the original ones were d...
Drabbles/Oneshots by reedperson
Drabbles/Oneshotsby Gracie
A drabble a day keeps the doctor away...
A Thousand Roses [Sasuke X Reader] by theanomini
A Thousand Roses [Sasuke X Reader]by Lucina
You and Sasuke have finally confessed your love for each other, so what happens now? Your wedding day is approaching, and the stress of bearing children is as well. Will...
Book 4. Choices through time and space. by Lumaking7
Book 4. Choices through time and Lumaking7
Sequel to book 3 under the same name. The hunt over the mytherian numbers are now officially over and Zaira and the gang are back in heartland, living their lives. Or so...
Funny things by vampire_diaries_love
Funny thingsby Andrea
Just funny things i've seen, heard or just made up and i want to share with you guys:)
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Linkin Park - Lyrics by EriasuDanieru
Linkin Park - Lyricsby EriasuDanieru
All the lyrics from Linkin Park right here, with pics and gifs, Official albums, Remixes, Demos, all.
A Thousand Words by sydnemorgann
A Thousand Wordsby sydnemorgann
Devin isn't an average 19 year old girl. She's different. Very different. Maybe it's because of her pale blue hair. It could be because of her porcelain white skin. Perh...
Origami (Poem) by RubixCube89201
Origami (Poem)by Rubix
What if the only thing you have left is just a piece of paper? Well, more of a whole stack of papers, a thousand to be exact. Origami is the only thing for the one who f...
Too Soon, Too Late by AsheCorinthos
Too Soon, Too Lateby ~Ashe~
"If there's one thing I refuse to forget, it's you, Rin." -When souls exist in a limbo-like dimension between lives, to fall in love is nothing more than wish...
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