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Harry Potter and the Dwarves of Erebor by jumpingmanatee
Harry Potter and the Dwarves of jumpingmanatee
Harry Potter died after the final battle. But the Valar took pity on him and decided to grant him another chance at life in Middle Earth, as a Dwarfling. Now alone in a...
The Hobbit Imagines by xIrishDeil
The Hobbit Imaginesby Niamh
I was quite new to the LOTR/The Hobbit fandom, but I thought it would be fun to try some imagines. I love the stories and I'm happy to write about any of the characters...
Save Us (EDITING) by itsfcknagnes
Save Us (EDITING)by Agnes
She was an elf, an elvish princess driven by a sense of duty. When a letter arrived, she set off for Greenwood, and when a wizard spoke to her about an insane quest, whe...
The Hobbit and the Silver Eye Warrior by soulfox1305
The Hobbit and the Silver Eye Dom
This is the adventures when Bilbo Baggins join a company of 13 Dwarves and Gandalf but one more person has joined the Company in a different name.
A Baby Story (ThorinxReader) by Nathalie_95
A Baby Story (ThorinxReader)by Nathalie
Welcome to yet another ThorinxReader fan fiction! This story was originally posted in my other book, 'The Hobbit Imagines IV - 2016'. But I found out that each story can...
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences ( requests open) by Sangsterslove
The Hobbit imagines/Preferences ( Sangsterslove
Writing this story with a friend We're doing: Thorin Fili Kili Legolas Bard But if requested anybody else of the hobbit trilogy as well :))
If You Give a Hobbit a Family by JadeNight14
If You Give a Hobbit a Familyby JadeNight14
If you give a Hobbit a family, then mayhem and humor will ensue. A series of one shots going about Bilbo Baggins and his new family. Each chapter does not relate to one...
Thorin's Daughter by GabrielleMartin661
Thorin's Daughterby Gabrielle Martin
What if Thorin had a daughter? What if she was was raised by an elf because Thorin had to give her up to protect her? What if his daughter and adoptive daughter mother j...
Illegal love ~ the skinchanger book 1 *under construction* by LordOfHobbits
Illegal love ~ the skinchanger Happy Hufflepuff
Hi!! I am working my way through this book, updating the chapters! (the chapters WITHOUT special titles are new) Hope you all enjoy it xx ~~~~~ The Company of Thorin Oa...
Game Changer [Hobbit X Insert!Reader] by peacockdragon12345
Game Changer [Hobbit X Insert! Creativity_Juice
"I may be a women but dame you better run if I am in killer mode!" You were a fan of LOTR and Hobbit series...yet something odd happened after your movie night...
Watching The Hobbit by GaiaVanHasselt
Watching The Hobbitby Gaia Van Hasselt
The characters of The Hobbit watching their future.
An Unexpected Member by ChantalMurphy1988
An Unexpected Memberby Black_Swan_❤
You've heard the story of the 13 Dwarfs, the wizard and the Hobbit right? Well they left out one thing, the Unexpected Member of the Company. I was there for it all, fro...
Sticks and Stones by eleanorlotrhobbit
Sticks and Stonesby eleanorlotrhobbit
My name is Annabeth Baggins, Annie for short. I am twins with Bilbo Baggins, you might have heard of him. The Baggins that is respectable and doesn't do anything unexpec...
Loyal  honor  unwilling heart  by lokifangirl76
Loyal honor unwilling heart by El H
Two sister embarks on a adventure with a company of dwarfs and hobbit and wizards. The two sister are different Mia is a human and Ophelia is a elf well half human half...
The Red Apothecary (A Hobbit Story) by WhiteFangedRose
The Red Apothecary (A Hobbit Story)by 🏔ꪶꪖᦔꪗ ꪮᠻ ꫝꪮρꫀ🏔
A tale of romance awaits Thorin Oakenshield as he finds his former betrothed. (This story is based off of the Hobbit, both the trilogy and the book.)
KÍli x Reader (Attack on Titan and The Hobbit crossover) by kikikittykis
KÍli x Reader (Attack on Titan Kiko
The company comes upon a kingdom with it's capitol surrounded by large walls. Their only human member (Y/N), she's from this kingdom and wants them to stay there for the...
The gift of hope || thranduil by mental_institution
The gift of hope || thranduilby mental_institution
An elleth given a second chance at life finds herself in the halls of mirkwood with nothing except her name. An elvenking with a hardned heart longs to heal and to feel...
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure by JulieRoonie17
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventureby JulieRoonie
Bilbo Baggins has his niece, Primrose Baggins, living with him while her mother is currently in labor with her younger brother, Frodo Baggins, including for a few months...
Our Light [ DISCONTINUED ] by daughterofdreaming
Our Light [ DISCONTINUED ]by ~who knows~
Allie Wildstar is the daughter of Lord Elrond. She grew up in Rivendell, living a peaceful life with her best friend, Legolas Greenleaf and learning to control the power...
Healing, Magic and Unexpected Adventures 2 by Bobster06
Healing, Magic and Unexpected Bobster06
Sequel to Healing, Magic and Unexpected Adventures. Bouvardia returns to Erebor after falling apart at the seams. For some bizarre reason I can't write a better summary...