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Free! Stories (One-shot FF) by MeganODowd
Free! Stories (One-shot FF)by Haru-chan
Hello everyone! So I've decided to make one-shot fanfictions with the boys from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. Since won't allow second person POV I thought I'd...
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Free x Reader Oneshots by TJoyPrincess
Free x Reader Oneshotsby TJoyPrincess
A collection of fluffy and cute oneshots guaranteed to make you squeal!
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Free! x Reader by vavril
Free! x Readerby Yikes™
Almost happy. Almost passed. Almost loved. "Is it selfish of me for wanting a little bit more?" "Of course not. Almost... is never enough." Ocean of...
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Free! Falling by NinaSmall12
Free! Fallingby "Eat this."
Into love (blame Izuki for the pun). Free! x Reader oneshots. I don't own Free!, you, or any picture used. *Okay, now the original cover was beginning to make me uncomfo...
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M Y  L I T T L E  S H A R K  (Rin Matsuoka X  Neko Reader) by Hikari-Chan_Fujoshi
M Y L I T T L E S H A R K ( ひかりあざまき
blah blah blah just read the goddamn story no description for reader-chan because im too lazy ~(•3•)~
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Free Iwatobi Swim Club Scenarios #2 by h2hoes
Free Iwatobi Swim Club Scenarios #2by h2hoes
A continuation of the free scenario book already on this page. Requests are closed as we finish up the drabble game requests.❤️
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Free! One-Shots by MsBarryBeeson
Free! One-Shotsby MsBarryBeeson
These one-shots include events occurring within "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club," "Free! Eternal Summer," and "Free! Dive to the Future." This is...
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Free! Eternal Thoughts by yarxxz
Free! Eternal Thoughtsby Y A R I X Z
Free! Eternal Summer One-Shots; Free! Eternal Characters X Reader (ON GOING) He will be freer than he ever was, with you. Everything originally came from my head. Secon...
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Free! [ Oneshots ] by hiimagorl
Free! [ Oneshots ]by hiimagorl
yes but no
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Free! x Reader Preferences (REQUESTS OPEN) by TheJoyFormidables
Free! x Reader Preferences ( ♡✧ Neko ✧♡
*PLEASE READ THE FIRST NOTE FOR FURTHER DETAILS* I write preferences, reactions, headcanons, one-shots, lemons, imagines; Just don't be afraid to request! REQUESTS ARE O...
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Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Zodiac Book by Ash2oo4
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club Zodiac Bookby 류진
Hello guys!~ I hope you enjoy this wonderful book that I made that I think it sucks. Lol. This is my fourth ANIME zodiac book, my first one was Attack On Titan, so if yo...
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Free! X reader [REQUESTS OPEN!!] oneshots, scenarios, etc by Walker1121
Free! X reader [REQUESTS OPEN!!] 🖤❤️Tea-chan❤️🖤
Just a bunch of oneshots and scenarios etc of our favourite swimmers
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Free!One-Shots(free x reader) by Ana___Chan000
Free!One-Shots(free x reader)by Bee An
This story is about you and free characters I hope you will all like it...☺️☺️☺️
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Gou × Haruka - [Anime : Free!] by croftedthegamer13
Gou × Haruka - [Anime : Free!]by croftedthegamer13
I know this anime has been around for a long time,but I just watched it 😂🔫 and I couldn't help but write about my OTP Gou Matsuoka × Haruka Nanase. and the characters...
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Free! || Various x Reader by mkayWonho
Free! || Various x Readerby Mkay Wonho
A bunch of One-Shots, songfics etc. Requests are always open!! Comment or private message me!!
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free x reader oneshots  by Rayato
free x reader oneshots by Ren
free iwatobi x reader oneshot/imagines. Character's I do are Haru Makoto Rin Rei Nagisa Seijuro Momotaru Ai/Nitori Sousuke Kisume I do not make regular updates, only whe...
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Free! || Zodiac by kuizakira
Free! || Zodiacby 🍑Buonkuiza🍑
"From Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, to Free! Eternal Summer and more..."
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I've Always Loved You (Makoto x Reader) by jadenisthegarbage
I've Always Loved You (Makoto x Jaden
(Y/n) grew up with Haru, Makoto, Rin and Nagisa. They we're always together. Makoto and (y/n) were especially close, they were never separated. (Y/n) had met Makoto firs...
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