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Los secretos de Grimmauld Place - El diario de Walburga by harrisonpotter04
Los secretos de Grimmauld Maximilien
Verano del quinto año. Mientras deambula por el número 12 de Grimmauld Place, Harry encuentra el diario de la madre de Sirius, la mujer chillona del retrato. Cuando lo a...
Tightly Knit by writer-or-whatever
Tightly Knitby writer-or-whatever
Sirius struggles to knit, and James and Lily make it better. (Sirius/James/Lily) ((complete & cross posted on AO3 and FFN))
Harry Potter, The Bronze Boy by Aiden2003adamson
Harry Potter, The Bronze Boyby Aiden2003adamson
I adopted this story from Midweststreetcar. I have had permission from Midweststreetcar to rewrite the story. There is a few pairings but they haven't happened yet. T...
Running Away by Virginia122313
Running Awayby Roza Belikov
Ron cheated on Hermione and she runs away but what no one but Sirius Harry and Remus know is that Hermione isn't a Granger and her name isn't Hermione
Obstacles by SeraScrivenger
Obstaclesby Sera
What happens when the worst that can happen doesn't kill you? We simply call them obstacles. Sirius and Lily find themselves facing quite a few of these in their final y...