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Heaven by turingwethil
Heavenby QueenoftheAinur
A story about Renlys and Loreses life. Or should I say after life? Our protagonists reunite in the after life after Lores dies in the wild fire, set in Bellors sept. Af...
WIN OR DIE || Game of Thrones  by laddersofchaos
WIN OR DIE || Game of Thrones by laddersofchaos
WHAT DO YOU GET WHEN YOU MIX A LION AND A STAG? A MONSTER CALLED MORGANA. Morgana Baratheon, the fury is hers, just like the hearts of nations. Unedited
Game of Thrones oneshots (male reader x females)  by Zagan_the_Beast_God
Game of Thrones oneshots (male Zagan_the_Beast_God
I'm doing this cause I haven't seen any of these. Well I have, but I haven't seen a male reader x female. Only female reader x male/female characters. That's my reason...
Shades of Crimson ♞ Sandor Clegane by xlexjxdrx
Shades of Crimson ♞ Sandor Cleganeby xlexjxdrx
In which a stag falls in love with a hound. [ s l o w u p d a t e s ] [s e a s o n o n e] [t h e h o u n d x o c] [s t a r t e d a u g u s t 2 0 1 7]
The Wolf and The Lion by cloverhand_reader
The Wolf and The Lionby Tyra
Elyana Stark is the twin sister of Robb Stark, who has always been loyal to her family. Until Tywin Lannister convinces her otherwise
Make me fall by third2none
Make me fallby Captain Handsome
AU where Renly Baratheon is still alive and married to margaery and Sansa and Loras are married.
Pride and Fury by Capella_DeVil
Pride and Furyby Elise
After a horrible shipwreck that claimed the lives of her parents, Elizabeth Baratheon and her brothers seek refuge in King's Landing. From there, her siblings are sent a...
Just Another High School by MoonlightArrow
Just Another High Schoolby MoonlightArrow
Loras Tyrell just moved from High Garden to Westeros to continue high school where his grandmother teaches after Danerys accidentally burned down his old school. Cue the...
The Iron Diaries: Broken by ThaylitaNeves
The Iron Diaries: Brokenby Thaylita Neves
Dany Targare, a girl who wished she could be free from her cage. But it seems impossible with reality hitting her multiple times. Not only is she trying to stay strong...
THE QUEEN BEYOND THE WALLby Sandra Elena Dermark Bufi
When her best friend Jaime is spirited away by the Night's Queen, Brienne of Tarth embarks on a Westeros-wide quest to find him and discovers herself in the process. A J...
I never meant to be so cold by Tainguin
I never meant to be so coldby Tainguin
Looking back on his life Stannis feels mostly regret. All he can see is the thinghs he hadn't done, the words he hasn't said. Because he was too cold. All the smiles he...
The rose with steel thorns by LadyMachiavelli
The rose with steel thornsby LadyMachiavelli
No explosion destroyed the Sept of Baelor, and now Margaery can plot a marvellous, astonishing reveng on those who imprisoned her and her brother
Flight of a Goshawk ~ Stannis Baratheon by Blue_Lunam_noctis
Flight of a Goshawk ~ Stannis Amara Nox
"Did you know, a Goshawk is not born to soar, but rather to glide at the treetops of rich forests?" ~ "I hear Stannis Baratheon, brother to the king is go...
Coffee |♚Renly + Loras🌹 by DaenerysTargaryen510
Coffee |♚Renly + Loras🌹by Violet
Loras Tyrell is a Junior in his high school and works part time at his families Caffe with his sister Margaery, and what happens when he bumps into one of the most popu...
Love is a Battlefield (a Game of Thrones fanfic) by Anamatics
Love is a Battlefield (a Game of Ellen
Sansa Stark is livin' large on Internet notoriety. She has just finished her masterwork, Love is a Battlefield, and it is probably the most popular fic of any bandom, li...
𝐆𝐑𝐎𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 | game of thrones by camicazii
I. Tears were the first thing Maral Baratheon felt wet her cheeks as soon as she was torn free from her mother's womb. No cries of joy nor gentle hands eased her into th...
The Dangers of Westeros by faithfish01
The Dangers of Westerosby faithfish01
For seven years, she has kept her feelings hidden. For seven years, his feelings have built up inside of him. She'll do anything to get back to him, but a Lady's place...