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My Sexy Turtle by I_LOve_CArT00Ns
My Sexy Turtleby ♡LoVe♡
This is a love story between Raph and Leo, this contains alot of sexual content, So you have been warned!
Love Me Forever: A Raphanardo Story(ON HOLD!!!) by anime_lover_girl123
Love Me Forever: A Raphanardo Stor...by anime_lover_girl123
For years, Raphael has had a crush on a certain blue masked turtle. But just before the Invasion happened, Raph wanted to tell Leo his secret but didnt. Now its too lat...
Love is a Struggle by trashhh17
Love is a Struggleby ur local trash bag
*****TRIGGER WARNING***** Leonardo and Raphael express their love for each other. After a while of keeping their secret, they tell Master Splinter and, well, it doesn't...
Lazarus  by LeoDaLeaderInBlue
Lazarus by DarkLeonardoFearless
Hamato Leonardo has been drowned, stabbed, and beaten to death; he always comes back somehow. He's overcome many things in his time as leader, but he never thought death...
A-Team by iloveturtles99
A-Teamby Lily
"No matter how much we fight, we will always need each other Raph." Raph doesn't reply. He doesn't deny it either.
Impossible  by LeoHamato226
Impossible by LeoHamato226
WARNING: MPREG AND TCEST! Leo makes a shocking discovery that involves both him and Raphael. Something that seemed absolutely impossible between them. They never saw...
Steamy Nights (Tcest One-Shots) by t-cest
Steamy Nights (Tcest One-Shots)by tcest
(MATURE CONTENT) Features every tcest ship starting with raphanardo, then raphangelo, leotello, raphatello, mikatello, leoangelo Art: Ashitarimai
TCEST one shots by DipperBipper
TCEST one shotsby Reader-Lover-God
Just basically TCEST one shots this will not form a story it's just random things I can think about that is about TCEST. WARNING: yaoi boyxboy sex swearing blood cutting...
Don't Hurt Me (Anymore) - a Sequel by Zoticus
Don't Hurt Me (Anymore) - a Sequelby Broken Wings
(This is the sequel to the LeoxRaph tmnt fanfic "Don't Hurt Me".) It's been a year since the great battle of our very lives... The battle to win back Raphael...
Raph X Leo Love Story ~ by _GoldenGlitter_
Raph X Leo Love Story ~by ✟Midas.Cat.Owner✟
Raphael & Leonardo LOVE ❤️
TMNT | A Cop's Love For A Criminal (ON HOLD) by Purpledon2021
TMNT | A Cop's Love For A Criminal...by Purpledon2021
Leo's a cop and works for the police department in Miami. Raphael's a criminal and is in jail in Folsom State Prison, and is a very dangerous and notorious criminal. Leo...
The One For Me (Tcest Fanfic) by imjustreallybored3
The One For Me (Tcest Fanfic)by Bruh -_-
No one really reads these but, oh well. This is my 2nd book and I'm just going along with what my mind comes up with but I think it should go well since I have some idea...
I Love You, Bad Leader. [Raphanardo/ Yaoi] by HamatoYuri
I Love You, Bad Leader. [Raphanard...by Raphie Cute
This is my first time writing yaoi story. If you have free time, please read it. >-<
My love has no end  by Chuggy22
My love has no end by Chuggy22
I hope you enjoy this story this is my first ever fan fiction so if it sucks im sorry I'll make my others better Enjoy ☺️
Real or Not Real? by Zoticus
Real or Not Real?by Broken Wings
This is an epic battle for Raph who fights to find reality. Its a love story with plenty of action, creepiness, romance and a bit of everything! Enjoy!✌️
You're Mine (•Book 2•) by MarvelsToWonderlands
You're Mine (•Book 2•)by Crissy
Second Book Following 'Be Mine' - They made it to April's home upstate after the invasion in New York City. But they will face new dangers in the woods. - (I DON'T OWN...
TMNT 2012 little secret by loveTMNT2012
TMNT 2012 little secretby loveTMNT2012
this is a little story of Leo and Raph. It Starts of by Raph having a dream about him and fearless. Donnie and Mikey are together so is April and Casey. There might be b...
The Killing Moon by LeoDaLeaderInBlue
The Killing Moonby DarkLeonardoFearless
The Super Shredder attempts to finally end Hamato Yoshi once and for all, but his plan is disrupted when there's a different body in his wake. Leonardo knows his family...
OUR war by loveTMNT2012
OUR warby loveTMNT2012
Raph just hates Leo, for being a little kid to the teenager he is now... Leo is fighting with Raph because Raph is out of control with his emotions as he wants to help h...
~Raphanardo~ by Raphanardo__
~Raphanardo~by Raphanardo__
That's right, I'm writing another one!! Please vote or comment! I'd appreciate that so much! WARNING! this does contain sex!