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Steamy Nights (Tcest One-Shots) by t-cest
Steamy Nights (Tcest One-Shots)by tcest
(MATURE CONTENT) Features every tcest ship starting with raphanardo, then raphangelo, leotello, raphatello, mikatello, leoangelo Art: Ashitarimai
Tcest Oneshots by teenage4turtle
Tcest Oneshotsby teenage4turtle
I take requests c;
Raphangelo one shots by tmnt_shipper
Raphangelo one shotsby tmnt_shipper
Hey guys this is a whole bunch of raph and mikey one shots feel free to comment requests
Raphangelo oneshots by GEMW03
Raphangelo oneshotsby Max
😝 I'm excited to be writing my very own set of oneshots for my boys in tmnt! (Will take suggestions too, my dudes) Literally, okay, if you want more chapters for this b...
When Mikey trips on his skateboard and cuts himself, some stuff goes down that starts to break his fragile heart, only one turtle notices his little brothers pain and tr...
Magic is in the Air or is it Love? by sydatello
Magic is in the Air or is it Love?by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo were separated from a almost fatal fall in the sewer, when Hamato-Yoshie tried to find them a home. what Yoshie didn't kno...
Donnie's crush by leo_leader
Donnie's crushby leo_leader
Leoxdon Raphxmikey They are turtles like in the pic
Raphangelo Pictures And Videos by tmnt_shipper
Raphangelo Pictures And Videosby tmnt_shipper
Hey what's up my shippers if your a raphangelo shipper then check this out I'm gonna put pics and videos of raphangelo please message me if you want me to do a book of a...
Shell Shockers by unknownblur
Shell Shockersby blursargi
Mikey has started to grow feelings towards raph. How do you think the others will react?
4 TURTLES DAN 4 TURTLES HEROES (BUKU 1) by Hermantowibisono
4 TURTLES DAN 4 TURTLES HEROES (BU...by HermantoWibisono
4 turtles dan 4 turtles heroes bergabung. Tetapi semenjak Sgredder dan Splinter meninggal,muncul kejahatan baru terdiri dari 2 remaja. Siapakah mereka? INI CERITE LEOTEL...
Tree of ships  by Afandomtale
Tree of ships by Kazii
A series made for all of my otps .
She danced around the bare room. It was only made of concrete, and she had a dog bed in the corner. In a small basket, she had some chew toys, but that was it. Bella lov...
You don't make me feel like a wasted space... by sydatello
You don't make me feel like a wast...by Leotello b!tches🤪💘
Donatello is in a terrible foster home. abused, punched, kicked, and even stabbed. his foster parents Amide, and Takeshi wenry, buy him nice things making it look like h...
TMNT Ships One-Shot by Fandoms_Lover28
TMNT Ships One-Shotby \(||•∆•)/
TMNT Ships One-Shot Basically Contains: •Yaoi •Lemon/Smut •Brotherly Fluff •Mpreg •Character's Genderbent If you wasn't any of those things, exit right there