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Every Rose Has Its Thorn- (PLATONIC) MADWHEELER by A_sad_single_pringle
Every Rose Has Its Thorn- ( 1-800-ur-local-simp
DON'T COME AT ME, IT'S PLATONIC (with a capital "P")! In which Maxine Mayfield, a seemingly perfct girl with the perfect home life, blows her cover, and a cer...
Dangers of the Sea || Byler Story || by Galatic_Moon
Dangers of the Sea || Byler Galatic_Moon
Will is and always has been extremely curious about mermaids, no matter how many times the adults in his life tell him that they are dangerous. he loves going to differe...
Dear Dark and Ruthless by Galatic_Moon
Dear Dark and Ruthlessby Galatic_Moon
{Season 3 Timeline} {Entire book based off of the fanart picture for the cover} {NOT MY ART, CREDIT TO ARTIST} What if the Mindflayer went after Mike before it took Bill...
Friends? (Platonic Madwheeler)  by Wr1terlov3r
Friends? (Platonic Madwheeler) by Wr1terlov3r
(Btw I'm the same person who made the real one but I'm making a remake because the other one was awful) What if after Billy died, Mike comforted Max instead? (I know the...
Dangers of the Land || Byler Story || by Galatic_Moon
Dangers of the Land || Byler Galatic_Moon
|Book Two Of Dangers of the Sea| {ON HOLD} Mike, a mermaid, is in love with a human. Will, a human prince, is in love with a mermaid. Now that Will's kingdom has put out...
Aftermath by A_sad_single_pringle
Aftermathby 1-800-ur-local-simp
This takes place in the Stranger Things universe, after the events of Volume Two. The only major change is that Eddie's alive and hangs out with Will, because Edward Mun...
The Smartest Villains Are The Most Dangerous || Byler || by Galatic_Moon
The Smartest Villains Are The Galatic_Moon
{Art not mine, CREDIT TO ARTIST I LOVE THEM} {MLB x ST} Mike Wheeler is the famous son of an even more famous fashion designer Karen Wheeler. He's been homeschooled his...
it and st (100% NOT CLICKBAIT😱) by justinbeiberstoes
it and st (100% NOT CLICKBAIT😱)by kaydence !!🎸
this is a stranger things and it chatfic/irl story ships: byler elmax henclair stonathon ronance reddie stenbrough (!PLATONIC MADWHEELER, i don't ship this romantically...