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Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction] by ImberLapis
Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction]by November is a lie
Steven Stone: Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and avid stone collector. Although no one knows his past, or how he even came to be Champion, behind eve...
Prince Charming [HoennShipping] by ScarletPetal
Prince Charming [HoennShipping]by ✿ོ࿔⠀|⠀k . scarlet
In which, Brendan joins the Theatre Arts club and supposedly meets the love of his life- or, at least that's what his script says. [Modern Day, Short, Pokemon not mine] ...
My Little Nerd (HardenShipping) by RapidSwish
My Little Nerd (HardenShipping)by Faun
Archie invites Maxie to dinner one night hoping he can confess his feeling and Maxie will hopefully feel the same. Soon there relationship as 'friends' grow and they soo...
diamonds ♦︎ (hoennchampionshipping) by gothita
diamonds ♦︎ (hoennchampionshipping)by gothita
He had every precious gem in the world, but he didn't have her. ( may x steven stone )
Steven Stone x Reader (Slight Lime🍋) Oneshot by kurapika_curarpikt
Steven Stone x Reader (Slight Lime...by kurapika_curarpikt
You two spending your time together during Christmas >~< Total: 3900+words Every characters here belong to Satoshi Tajiri and friends! Except for the reader-chan o...
What's A Buddyfight? ( Future Card Buddyfight X x Pokémon ORAS ) by Gizagea22
What's A Buddyfight? ( Future Card...by Gizagea22
Wally is a Pokemon Trainer from the Hoenn Region. His dream is want a Pokémon to become his friend. Another reason why he want a Pokémon, because he heard his parent wan...
Tabitha {Pokémon Fanfiction} by Chibi_Raichu
Tabitha {Pokémon Fanfiction}by Chibi_Raichu
Some people say that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a second chance. Tabitha struggles to believe he has such an opportunity.
Maxie x Reader Lemon by _Mega_Fangirl_Person
Maxie x Reader Lemonby Literally Nobody
Title says it all. (Y/N) = Your name. That's really all you need to know. Happy reading, fellow pervert.
Pokemon oneshots (requests closed) by Vfox123
Pokemon oneshots (requests closed)by Allysa Wright
just some random Pokemon one shots
Short Stories by Hailey_41
Short Storiesby Hailey Avein
Short Stories that you may love... This is composed of many short stories. How about give it a try....... *THE FARMER'S SON* Language: Tagalog & English Started: Februar...
Cave Mural by alolaninetales
Cave Muralby Zori
A Steven Stone X Reader one-shot! Inspired by the new ORAS games, and how Steven just makes you melt in the games! (Not literally) WARNING: CONTAINS SPOILERS! IF YOU DO...
Pokémon Oneshot Collection by Mayote_Shoujo
Pokémon Oneshot Collectionby The lost Girls
Our collection of pokemon oneshots. At first it was just a oneshot book but since we have quite a lot of ideas on pokemon oneshots (or short stories) we decide to change...
A Rivalry of love by CoveJL
A Rivalry of loveby Cove
Brendan is moving to Littleroot in the Hoenn region from the Johto region his goals to become the champion the only problem he doesn't have a Pokémon of his own when he...
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Male Reader Insert by Lunar_Legend
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphir...by Lunar_Legend
You and your mom move to the Hoenn Region and your great adventure awaits
A Warm Heart For Hoenn (Part 2) by BluePhoenix_11
A Warm Heart For Hoenn (Part 2)by The Blue Aurora
Amy and her friends Iris, Cilan, Wally and her new boyfriend Steven have a new mission and it's get ready to face off Kyogre. While in the Alola region, Team Aqua secret...
Gladiator ⚔️ [Pokémon] [Script + Art] by kimcgray95
Gladiator ⚔️ [Pokémon] [Script + A...by Kimiko
One human vs. one Pokemon. But in this world, surviving is its own kind of death sentence... - Experimental format. Irregular updates.
The Time After. !!UNDERGOING EDITING!! by SixteySeven
The Time After. !!UNDERGOING EDITI...by SixteySeven
Hia People! This is the very first thing I'm writing so, don't hate if its bad, but if you like it then, well, enjoy! I got this idea from a HardenShipping (Maxie x Arch...
(Steven stone x reader) mega evolution special by SideswipeSunshine
(Steven stone x reader) mega evolu...by SideswipeSunshine
This is going to be a story version of the mega evolution special with a few added characters. This is a story about how Alex and Steven meet.
You are my Gem by Poisonstiel
You are my Gemby Poisonstiel
Steven stone Wanders the region, to find a rather fashionable man In a gym. Steven wants to be with him, however will this mean that he will have to quit his rock Collec...
The Letters and Diary of Brendan Birch by fiktionkat
The Letters and Diary of Brendan B...by Fikky Foo~
"Dear May" Each letter started with the same two words, But each time the ink marked my paper, they began to hold emotions I couldn't begin to describe.