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Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction] by ImberLapis
Heart of Steel [Pokémon Fanfiction]by Beneath the Mask
Steven Stone: Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and avid stone collector. Although no one knows his past, or how he even came to be Champion, behind eve...
  • hoenn
  • control
  • insurgents
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Land Vs. Sea (A Maxie x reader x Archie) by Musicalchickennugget
Land Vs. Sea (A Maxie x reader x A...by Jelly
Your friend May decides she can't take care of the legendaries any long and gives them to her most trusted friend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), you. So what happens when two men who l...
  • fanfiction
  • maxie
  • teammagma
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Tabitha {Pokémon Fanfiction} by Chibi_Raichu
Tabitha {Pokémon Fanfiction}by Chibi_Raichu
Some people say that everyone deserves the opportunity to have a second chance. Tabitha struggles to believe he has such an opportunity.
  • fanfiction
  • chikorita
  • zam
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You're A Star In My Eyes(Yuri) by ifartartistics
You're A Star In My Eyes(Yuri)by ifartartistics
MayxLisia Shipping Sorry, I can't come up with a better description😁😁
  • may
  • contests
  • xmay
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fate's path ( pokemon archie x maxie fanfiction) by steviebuscus
fate's path ( pokemon archie x max...by steviebuscus
Maxie is lead to outside team magmas base by a strange feeling deep inside .. but when he finds archie lying there severly wounded what will he do ? -for my friend brad
  • magma
  • oras
  • archie
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My Little Nerd (HardenShipping) by RapidSwish
My Little Nerd (HardenShipping)by Faun
Archie invites Maxie to dinner one night hoping he can confess his feeling and Maxie will hopefully feel the same. Soon there relationship as 'friends' grow and they soo...
  • oras
  • omegaruby
  • fanfic
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Steven Stone x Reader (Slight Lime🍋) Oneshot by kurapika_curarpikt
Steven Stone x Reader (Slight Lime...by kurapika_curarpikt
You two spending your time together during Christmas >~< Total: 3900+words Every characters here belong to Satoshi Tajiri and friends! Except for the reader-chan o...
  • stone
  • ruby
  • oras
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Pokemon Oneshots by randomesquewriter
Pokemon Oneshotsby randomesquewriter
A general compilation of Pokemon fanfiction that's going to take a hecka lot of requests (more guidelines within)
  • xreader
  • rby
  • pokemon
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May [Pokémon Fanfiction] by Theresa_Rain
May [Pokémon Fanfiction]by Kagura
May, Champion of the Hoenn region, Mega Evolution user, and skilled Pokémon Coordinator. From her status, others would respect, others woud envy, others would break her...
  • pokemonfanfiction
  • drama
  • oras
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Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Male Reader Insert by Lunar_Legend
Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphir...by Lunar_Legend
You and your mom move to the Hoenn Region and your great adventure awaits
  • fanfiction
  • oras
  • pokemon
Prince Charming [HoennShipping] by ScarletPetal
Prince Charming [HoennShipping]by ✿ོ࿔⠀|⠀k . scarlet
In which, Brendan joins the Theatre Arts club and supposedly meets the love of his life- or, at least that's what his script says. [Modern Day, Short, Pokemon not mine] ...
  • brendanxmay
  • oras
  • hoennshipping
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diamonds ♦︎ (hoennchampionshipping) by gothita
diamonds ♦︎ (hoennchampionshipping)by gothita
He had every precious gem in the world, but he didn't have her. ( may x steven stone )
  • fanfic
  • oras
  • hoennchampionshipping
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King & LionHeart || Pokemon ORAS Fanfic by TormentiI
King & LionHeart || Pokemon ORAS F...by Tormentil
Warning; Violence, abuse mention, cursing, alcohol mention. Not for children. Unsure if Mature is needed, as it's not extremely explicit. Might end up making a better ti...
  • oras
  • violence
  • courtney
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Maxie x Reader Lemon by _Mega_Fangirl_Person
Maxie x Reader Lemonby Literally Nobody
Title says it all. (Y/N) = Your name. That's really all you need to know. Happy reading, fellow pervert.
  • xreader
  • teammagma
  • lemon
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PWL - Entries by Highcommanderelliott
PWL - Entriesby HighCommanderElliott
Pokemom Writing League - Highcommanderelliotts Entries. All my entires are located inside here in order to make it easier for our amazing judges to find as well as my r...
  • greif
  • contest
  • charizard
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Promise  by lilacfrost021
Promise by lilacfrost021
He can't sleep. Maybe it's because the boy is bathed in thick, fat covers. Yeah-- it's the heat. He's too hot, that's it. Brendan sighs aloud. He can't keep lying to hi...
  • trainerruby
  • lol
  • bored
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Maxie x reader - A small Complication - by TododokisWifeyBoo
Maxie x reader - A small Complicat...by ProudTreeHugger
(ON HIATUS For this story) I've been on a super duper weird kick and like I've been sooooo obsessed with Maxie so like yee I'm gonna write this and hopefully if you feel...
  • oras
  • pokemon
  • possiblyalemon
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A Mystery That No One Knows (A Pokémon Fanfiction) by Det3rmined_Writ3r
A Mystery That No One Knows (A Pok...by Det3rmined_Writ3r
I am happy with my life but...I am wondering why I feel like I have a huge connection to Team Magma Am I really related to my mom Flannery or was I adopted...I wonder wh...
  • gymbattles
  • teamaqua
  • action
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Pokemon Smol by chirafarig
Pokemon Smolby Chi
Pokemon Smol is a collection of short fanfictions that are based on the manga characters from Pokemon Adventures/ Special. Side note: I am currently reading the Ruby Sap...
  • pokemonfanfiction
  • gold
  • oras
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More Than Rivals (May X Brendan ORAS) by PotatoToaster
More Than Rivals (May X Brendan OR...by PotatoToaster
Brendan, son of gym leader Norman, arrived at a little town of Littleroot to pursue his dreams of becoming the Pokémon champion of the Hoenn region and be the best pokem...
  • may
  • mayxbrendan
  • brendanxmay
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