spring love by s8tanical
spring loveby molang
<- gusyd im gay for him
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Alive or tech lovers? Raymond X Reader X Professor Venomous by mangospirit
Alive or tech lovers? Raymond X Re...by mangospirit
Who will YOU chose to love? Will it be professor venomous or Raymond? In this story you are a new person in lakewood plaza neighborhood and two certain eyes are watching...
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OK KO LET'S BE LOVERS! (Raymond X Reader) by Frozencherriicey
OK KO LET'S BE LOVERS! (Raymond X...by Frozencherriicey
Go on a romantic journey with the Prince Of Panache Himself! Explore the life of being with a Boxmore robot. Who knows what events might occur 💚🌹 (Some Parts might inc...
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I don't know by Heartsong1231
I don't knowby Dat One Meme G0rL
A book of little random somethings, ranging from thoughts to more thoughts to stories about thoughts and also fangirling. I guess this'll be a little journal type thing...
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Natsuki x Sayori (FallingForYou) by RedReader5
Natsuki x Sayori (FallingForYou)by Sayo-Mayo
Basically a story about a bitter short pink haired girl named natsuki and a slightly taller girl that "seemed" always happy, named sayori. Later on Natsuki exp...
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Stranger Love || Stranger Things Character and Cast Smut and Fluff by FinnIsASchnack
Stranger Love || Stranger Things C...by ☆♥Jade♥☆
smut and fluff? Debatable.
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Male! Anime! Characters! x Male! Uke! Reader! LLLEEEMMMOOONNNSSS by _Karkat_Vantas_69_
Male! Anime! Characters! x Male! U...by KARKAT STR!PP3R
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I want to dieeeieeeeieeeieieieeee by ZeldaIsABadChild
I want to dieeeieeeeieeeieieieeeeby ZeldaIsABadChild
pretty sure the title explains most of it
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beyblade burst one shots. (Request Closed)  by berry_bey
beyblade burst one shots. (Request...by grape child
One shots of all our favorite beyblade burst characters. Are dream come true! New cover.
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A new start! (Ko x reader) by Female-Gaster
A new start! (Ko x reader)by Female-Gaster
Your name is Y/N, and your lord boxmans new creation. Your mission was to go to gars and reak havoc but what if you find a new friend there instead? Find out in A new st...
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One Punch! (Saitama!Reader in My Hero Academia) by A-Drunk-Qrow-Branwen
One Punch! (Saitama!Reader in My H...by Qrow
Well, I crumbled, and I am writing a BNH book. I got nothing else. You're Saitama basically. Uhm, yeah.
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Murdered By His Love  by limelight1235
Murdered By His Love by Maria I.
What happens when your psycho mother is back to your life with your boyfriend's ex,both willing to kill you for their own good?
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Stuff 2 (FINISHED) by VickyJames0
Stuff 2 (FINISHED)by Vicky Star-studded
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i'm ok. by zinzsss
i'm ok.by zinzsss
sad quotes.
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the artbook of awesomeness!!!!! (also doings) by ItzTaintedKenny
the artbook of awesomeness!!!!! (a...by Liy.
I drew the cover in the space of 20 seconds, that's how you know this book is going to be filled with epic artworks. Also I'm combing my doings book with this now
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Tko X reader. 💗A soft heart💗 (Ok k.o Au) by StarsLoveScars
Tko X reader. 💗A soft heart💗 (Ok...by Chocolates
🚨Some Art is not mine unless I have said it was otherwise no I have not drawn this myself🚨 In a world full of villains there is a bodega of villains:End,Rad,And turbo...
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Paw Patrol: Love and War by GDTrey
Paw Patrol: Love and Warby GDTrey
I hope you enjoy my story! ;)
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xxxtentacion dms by onfr0y
xxxtentacion dmsby again bitch
all creds to @stokeley this inspired me to make one myself. i will make it a bit different. :)
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how to be the top student in your class by saerxn
how to be the top student in your...by e d g y
shitty grammar oh well
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Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Egos x Reader by ZeroSkillz
Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Egos x Re...by ZeroSkillz
This work will not contain any Markiplier or Jacksepticeye imagine, I do have another work for only Jack and Mark. You may request egos, but I will not do Imagines for...
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