fan chengcheng ✄ "main lead" by yanjun-
fan chengcheng ✄ "main lead"by multifandom
"I hate second leads so much."
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beyblade burst one shots. (Request Closed)  by berry_bey
beyblade burst one shots. (Request...by grape child
One shots of all our favorite beyblade burst characters. Are dream come true! New cover.
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OK KO LET'S BE LOVERS! (Raymond X Reader) by Frozencherriicey
OK KO LET'S BE LOVERS! (Raymond X...by Frozencherriicey
Go on a romantic journey with the Prince Of Panache Himself! Explore the life of being with a Boxmore robot. Who knows what events might occur 💚🌹 (Some Parts might inc...
  • ọk
  • raymond
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Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Egos x Reader by ZeroSkillz
Markiplier/Jacksepticeye Egos x Re...by ZeroSkillz
This work will not contain any Markiplier or Jacksepticeye imagine, I do have another work for only Jack and Mark. You may request egos, but I will not do Imagines for...
  • bingiplier
  • xreader
  • antisepticeye
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Male! Anime! Characters! x Male! Uke! Reader! LLLEEEMMMOOONNNSSS by _Karkat_Vantas_69_
Male! Anime! Characters! x Male! U...by KARKAT STR!PP3R
  • ukereader
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xxxtentacion dms by onfr0y
xxxtentacion dmsby his fandom.🖤
all creds to @stokeley this inspired me to make one myself. i will make it a bit different. :)
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  • jahseh
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tomtord smut by AjDaWolf
tomtord smutby Chaucer
¡!warning¡! this will be very detailed porn in a book so yes don't let ur mom in ur room and lock the door cuz u will probably get rly horny ok bye
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the artbook of awesomeness!!!!! by ItzTaintedKenny
the artbook of awesomeness!!!!!by Liy.
I drew the cover in the space of 20 seconds, that's how you know this book is going to be filled with epic artworks.
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drawings~ by random_soul1
drawings~by random
I made these drawings enjoy
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Dead by daylight oneshots and lemons/smuts by googooooooo
Dead by daylight oneshots and lemo...by googooooooo
Pls if your are a small child, sensitive or a real Christian the You should leave now before you start to cry
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  • deadbydaylight
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The Perfect life  by Maddox2425
The Perfect life by Maddox Flare
Hi my name is Autumn from the lion faimly. We are a huge technology company, but we started of as farmers in a small town known as Starlight. My faimly used to live ther...
  • broken
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Paw Patrol: Love and War by TreyFarlow
Paw Patrol: Love and Warby Trey
I hope you enjoy my story! ;)
  • enjoymystory
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moja by jdgxnke
mojaby dorinkazuka
♡~ Pomyślałbyś, że oprócz ludzi i zwierząt na świecie istnieje coś pomiędzy nimi? Może.. wilkołak? ♡~ Najwyżej notowane: # 3 W O WILKOŁAKACH 12.03.17 # 2 W O WILKOŁAKACH...
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Unlovable~{An O.K K.O fan fiction}~ by iiNamelessPotato
Unlovable~{An O.K K.O fan fiction}~by Ⓣⓐⓚⓘⓝⓖ ⓐ ⓑⓡⓔⓐⓚ
I'm alone, all beatened and bruised, clothes all tattered up, and, most of all, lost in some forest ALL ALONE where NOBODY can find me....not even P.O.I.N.T.......This i...
  • okko
  • raymond
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jah imagines 🖤 by onfr0y
jah imagines 🖤by his fandom.🖤
she said, 'I, oh, i, am falling for you, falling, for you. I, oh, i, am falling for you, falling, for you.' ENJOY THE BOOK 👀😁
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I Got(7) Tagged by adaDdaeng
I Got(7) Taggedby Ada💘
Lol. I'm sorry for the cover
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A bunch of random stuff  by TacTickle
A bunch of random stuff by TacTickle
You can find fics and drawings. Basically whatever I want to throw in. Tickles are still included °w°
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  • fullmetalalchemist
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Natsuki x Sayori (FallingForYou) by RedReader5
Natsuki x Sayori (FallingForYou)by Sayo-Mayo
Basically a story about a bitter short pink haired girl named natsuki and a slightly taller girl that "seemed" always happy, named sayori. Later on Natsuki exp...
  • girlxgirl
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